Impossible Motorbike Stunt Pulled Off – Check Out This 4 Person Backflip!

Aussie Motocross master and former X Games champion Cam Sinclair isn’t one for moderation. He’s been pulling ridiculous motorbike stunts for years but it’s never enough – he’s always looking for the next amazing trick. And his latest is about as amazing as it gets!

There’s no better place to try out your newest and craziest stunt to date than Travis Pastrana’s insane travelling action sports showpiece, Nitro Circus. And just what is Cam’s latest caper? Well, after recently crashing a two man backflip and then a three man backflip, what do you think it is…?

Yep – you got it! This guy’s about to flip his motorbike backwards with three strangers – plucked from the crowd – riding with him. Really!

Cam Sinclair - Nitro Circus

This is what Melbourne-born Cam Sinclair looks like when he’s not wearing a massive motorbike helmet and hurling himself dangerously into the air like some kind of maniac.

4 Person Motorbike Backflip

And this is what  Cam looks like when he is wearing a massive motorbike helmet and about to hurl himself dangerously into the air like some kind of maniac. And this is also what three petrified members of the public look like wearing massive motorbike helmets, about to be hurled dangerously into the air by some kind of maniac.

Watch Cam’s INCREDIBLE feat in full in this video – you won’t be disappointed!

How good was that, eh? Right… Who’s up for volunteering for the five man version? Anyone?


What do you think?

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