This is Easily THE Most Humiliating Thing 50 Cent Will Ever Do!

50 Cent has always maintained that, above all else, he’s a hustler and a P.I.M.P. Well, if this latest news is anything to go by, he’s certainly proved that he’s not a B.A.S.E.B.A.L.L. P.L.A.Y.E.R.

The New York City-born rapper and actor had the honour of throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a game this week between his home team of the New York Mets and their Pennsylvania rivals, the Pittsburgh Pirates. And it didn’t go well. In fact, there’s little debate as to whether Fiddy will Hate It Or Love It – he’ll never live it down!

Curtis Jackson III was there to help promote an upcoming gig he’s performing at the field. But after this poor showing he’ll probably wish he stayed In Da Club now…

50 Cent Baseball

Just have a look at that stance. That technique. He needs to work on his game! And not Just a Lil’ Bit, either…

50 Cent Pitches

Check out the proof that Mr. Jackson spent too long in the Candy Shop as a kid and not enough time in the back yard practising with a ball and a mitt. Watch 50’s humiliation in full here:

How bad was that, eh? Looks like Fiddy needs to Improve His Pitch or Die Tryin’…

What do you think?

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