POV Video Of A Mad Ram Going CRAZY At A Guy On A Motorbike!

You may well have seen a video which went viral a while back where a super-annoyed ram goes crazy and smashes up some motorbikes. The beast, nicknamed Rambro, roams the scrub around Mr. Marty Todd’s land in New Zealand. It was Todd who discovered the angry ram and got him famous way back when. And now he’s back with more ram-based antics. This time, he’s fitted Rambro with a GoPro camera, going berserk in wonderful POV. A ram repeatedly ramming into a motorbike has no right to be this funny…

Check out Rambro’s rambunctious ramming with this special ‘RamCam’ video:


Quite possibly the least cute animal of all time. But one of the funniest!

What do you think?