Rude Guy Lashes Out At Autistic Boy. How Do Fellow Diners React? I’m Shocked!

An autistic child is making noise in a diner. An irate customer begins to speak up. He’s being impatient and ignorant. What would you do? Well, that’s the question posed by ABC’s show of that very name, ‘What Would You Do?’ The family and customer are actually actors, but the diners tested don’t know that. Their reactions, over lunch in this New Jersey eatery, are interesting.

Did you know? Latest research suggests that it could be as many as 1 in every 65 children that are on the autism spectrum. Perhaps even more. Autism is not as rare or unusual as people may think. It could affect the children of any one of us.

So… What would you do if you were put in this situation? It’s hard to know for certain, but you’ve got to think that – unlike some of these people – you’d go out of your way to do the right thing.

What Would You Do Autism

Anyway, let’s check it out:

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