What Happened To This Baby Chimp After His Mother Abandoned Him Is Simply Amazing

mastif adopts chimp

You Will Not Believe What Happened To This Abandoned Chimp!

A Newborn chimp was rejected by his mother.

baby chimp eyes face

This chimp didn’t have the chance to bond with his mother, so one of the staff took him home to see if she could care for him.

chimp sleeping

What happened next took the worker by surprise…

chimp eating

Her Bull Mastiff dog had had a litter of pups just a few weeks ago.

baby chimp dog 2

The baby chimp just wanted to be part of a family.

chimp puppy play

He soon took a shine to the puppies.

chimp staring

The most perplexing thing happened…

chimp puppy

The mother must have sensed he needed her, so adopted him.

baby chimp play

Gave him the attention he needed.

chimp laying chilling

Raised him like one of her own pups.

baby chimp dog

Bonding and not letting him go too far.

chimp lounging dog

The Mastiff has now grown so close, he prefers to be with him more than her master.

  tired baby chimp

This adorable pair are now inseparable.

Dog and Chimp nappy

It just goes to show, it doesn’t matter if you’re Green, purple, cat or dog, we should all be accepting more and help those who are in need. If animals can do it, why can’t we?

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