When Daddy Calls, His Baby Grabs The Phone… Mom Can’t Hold Back The Laughter!

    When her dad calls home, Emelia always rushes to the telephone. She loves speaking to her father on the phone as much as her Dad loves speaking to her. Admittedly, the conversations are limited, but neither of them care – they just love chatting. The topics are vague and the specifics unclear, but let’s give little Emelia a break – she is just sixteen months old!

    It’s so cute seeing Baby pretending to be all grown up as she takes the call while wandering around the house. She’s obviously seen Mommy on the phone and is copying her exactly.

    We all know how quickly children grow up. It won’t be long until Emelia’s fourteen years old and shut in her bedroom on the phone to her friends… So we hope her parents are taking advantage of this cuteness!

    Did you know?
    The average first word from a baby comes when they’re between eleven and fourteen months old.