They Thought They Could Ride This Bicycle, Well They Were WRONG!!

“You cannot ride this bicycle. You might think you can. But you can’t…” It’s a bold statement that might get your competitive streak fired up and make you say back, ‘Sure I can!’ But you can’t. You really can’t! Sure, you can ride a normal regular bicycle. But you can’t ride this one. It’s the pet project of a group of smart engineers and is pretty simple, really. But while it’s a simple concept, it’s fascinating and gives us some interesting insights into the human psyche.

It’s called the ‘Backwards Brain Bicycle’ and it’s premise is this – you have to turn left to go right and turn right to turn left. Easy to master, huh? Well, you might just be surprised! This little project gives us a cool idea of how understanding and knowledge and the human brain works… Check it out:

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