Bacon And Cheese Deep Fried Together? OH YES!

    Is there a foodstuff more sublime than bacon? This king among meats has long since claimed its throne, beating off stiff competition from burgers and steaks and, yes, even ribs (controversial, we know, but you know we’re right). Bacon is the go-to food of the Internet age; the undisputed meaty champion that does nothing but enhance anything it graces. Want a cheesburger? How’s about we make that a bacon cheeseburger, hey? Yeah, you know you want it!

    See what we mean? Bacon rules!

    And it now seems things have just got better for bacon, as the following video will show you. Thanks to the addition of cheese, biscuits and the taste-enhancing magic of deep-frying, some genius has come up with the concept of bacon ‘n’ cheese poppers. What are bacon ‘n’ cheese poppers, we hear you ask. Well why not watch this mouth-watering video to find out …

    We don’t know about you, but we know what we’re having for dinner tonight! And tomorrow night! And for the rest of eternity!