From an Egg on a Balcony to the Cutest Thing EVER SEEN!

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You come home from work one day and check to see how the flowers on your balcony are coming along. You might expect to find a few little geraniums or perhaps or just a tiny sapling popping out the top. Or maybe just a pile of soil. What you probably won’t expect to discover is an egg. Well, this Imgur user did just that. And the story doesn’t stop there…


The mystery egg.


The next day, another egg appeared seemingly from nowhere.


Then it got crazy. Surely the guy had planted some kind of super egg seed?!


Ah. No super egg seed. Just a big ol’ bird. Sitting in a plant pot. Because apparently that’s what birds do nowadays.


Well, it certainly looks quite content there, doesn’t it?


Chicks! Is there ANYTHING more adorable than freshly-hatched little baby chicks…?


Nope. There’s nothing more adorable. FACT.


Picture credit: Imgur

We dare you to find a more heart melting set of photos… If this doesn’t inspire you to start leaving little plant pots everywhere in the hope of attracting this kind of fluffy action, then you’ve got a heart of stone. A heart of stone, we tells ya’!

What do you think?

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