Meet The ‘Barefoot Sensei’ Who Sleeps In Tree Stumps And Eats Roots And Grubs

Meet Mick Dodge. Twenty four years ago Mick took a look at the world around him and decided it just wasn’t worth his time. Sure, he owned a house and a car and all that other stuff, but Mick didn’t care about that. He wanted to lead another life. A life without boundaries. A life without rules. A life without … SHOES!

So Mick took off his shoes, planted his bare feet on the ground and headed for the woods. As the following video shows, he’s never looked back …

They call Mick the ‘Barefoot Sensei’, and it’s not hard to see why after you’ve seen the video. It looks like old Mick and his dog are pretty happy out there in the woods. They’ve got all they need – a place to shelter, plenty to eat, companionship and, in Mick’s case, the odd blister to keep him feeling alive!

Who says you need all the modern conveniences? It turns out all you need is a tree stump to call home and a complete and total refusal to wear shoes!