WARNING: This Video of a Cat Trying to ‘Catch’ Music Features Dangerous Levels of Cute

If you’re allergic to cuteness, then you’d better stop reading RIGHT NOW. Only what we’re about to show you cranks up the Cute-o-meter to ridiculous levels. If you watch this video you might well overdose on cute!

You get the idea, right? This video’s cute.

Bass Loving Cat

It’s a ridiculously adorable video on the internet, so of course there’s a cat in it. But just what is it that this funky feline is up to?

The DJing Cat

Well, this pulsating pussycat is eithering air-DJing or – more likely – attempting to catch the bass coming from the speaker. Sound mad? We agree, but bear with us. Watch the video, it’s great (and cute – don’t know if we mentioned that…).

What’s that? Yep – it is cute, you’re right!

What do you think?

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