Teen Lotion Rub Prank Catches Out Dudes At The Beach!

A pretty young girl coming up to you to ask you to rub some sun lotion on her back on the beach? That’s the dream for any guy. When it happens? Unbelievable! Too good to be true, surely? Well, yeah – it can be. It certainly was for the guys tricked by this prank from the good people at Break. Only, it turns out that the ‘pretty young girl’ is actually a lot younger than she might appear…

When her ‘Dad’ approaches, he’s not happy. And he has devastating news. That flirtatious girl they’re rubbing lotion into…? She’s only 14! Okay, she’s not (it’s a prank, after all), but they don’t know that. And some of their reactions are beyond priceless!

Check out what went down: