This Dude Stepped On A Bug And Discovered Something Unbelievably Gross

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The guy who filmed the clip we’ve got for you here, stepped on a bug and was soon shocked and horrified to find something very strange happening indeed… A parasitic worm called a ‘nematomorpha‘ shot out of the cockroach-type insect that’s really quite evil indeed. They get inside an insect, usually as larvae, and gradually eat away the nutrients they need, draining their hosts dry. Soon, the bug goes mad, becomes brainwashed and can even commit suicide – can you believe that?! Craziness.

Did you know?
This will really freak you out – these things don’t just hang about inside bugs, you know. In 2009, in Japan, an 80-year-old woman and a one year-old boy were discovered to have been infected…

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