Cadence the Pit Bull Was Left To Die – Find Out Her Shocking Story

‘Hope for Paws’ are a not-for-profit animal rescue organisation based out of the City of Angels, LA, California. Their mission is to save abused and abandoned pets. Every animal deserves a chance, that’s what they believe. And luckily for Cadence, a pit bull recently left for dead in an LA alley, Hope for Paw found and rescued him.

It turns out that the cute little dog was used by thugs as a ‘bait dog’ in dog fights, meaning she had to endure some truly horrible injuries. The poor little thing. She’s a brave and beautiful canine. And so strong. For the full and emotional story of Cadence, watch this video about him, ‘Saving Cadence’. It’s touching stuff.


If you’d like to find out about some other inspirational tales and maybe even donate some much-needed money to them, visit the Hope For Paws website now. You canĀ raise awareness of the plight of dogs like Cadence by sharing this story and post with your friends and family.