Dog With Cancer Gets To Do Bucket List Including Ride In Helicopter

When Symon Spencer took his faithful hound Coco to the vet, he had no idea that he was about to receive some truly terrible news. Coco was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and given only six weeks to live. Symon was devastated. But he was also determined to make her last few weeks of life the best they could possibly be. So, along with his partner Theresa, 40 year old Symon drew up a bucket list of 30 things they could do together before the time came to say goodbye.


The things on Coco’s bucket list ranged from a drive-thru Big Mac meal at a McDonald’s to a day at the beach and an ice cream …


Symon’s local police service heard about Coco’s list and were happy to get involved. Here she is enjoying a ride in a cop car. She looks pleased!


The local fire service didn’t want to miss out on making Coco’s dreams come true. Here she is pictured with some of them during a great day out riding around in fire engines.


Coco was also taken along to meet a local celebrity dog called Sage. Sage has helped raise nearly $50,000 for charity, including veteran’s and animal charities. The fun didn’t stop there, as the police once again stepped in to give her a ride in a helicopter.


The last thing on Coco’s list was a lovely cooked meal. She certainly looks like she can’t wait to get stuck in!


Sadly, Coco passed away at the start of this month. “I’m really glad she was able to complete the bucket list” said a devastated Symon. “She was an amazing dog and I stayed with her the whole time. I was the last thing she saw. The support from everyone has been amazing.”

Here’s to you, Symon. You’re one of the good guys.