Cuteness Overload! Cat Greets His Best Friend After Ten Days Away!

Books, movies and cartoons have tried to convince us that dogs and cats don’t get along – think about Spike regularly beating on Tom in Tom and Jerry. Whilst this might be true in some cases, in reality many households have both cats and dogs as pets with little to no problem.

Meet Jasper the cat and Bow-Z the dog. These two are the best of buddies, so when Bow-Z went away for ten days, Jasper naturally missed him. When Bow-Z returns, Jasper cannot contain his excitement, and he greets the dog with all the love and affection that a mother shows her child. Although Bow-Z looks a bit embarrassed by the attention, Jasper doesn’t hide his love for his buddy, and clings on to him in a loving embrace!

This touching video is definitely one to share. Not only is it remarkable, it sends out an important message. Being different should not stop us from loving and respecting another.