Prankster Gets Pranked in This Superb Sham Suicide Stunt – HILARIOUS Revenge!

Czech duo ‘The Viral Brothers’ have been playing elaborate practical jokes on each other for years. Each brother tries to trump the last stunt and go one better, so they just keep getting more and more extreme. In this latest prank, the boys have really and truly excelled themselves.

Cenek plans to play a joke on his girlfriend Lenka by pretending that he’s got another girl pregnant. Erik is supposed to film her reaction. But that’s not the real prank… You see, Erik and Lenka have a bigger and better idea. They’re going to flip the stunt and play a practical joke on Cenka. She’s going to pretend to jump out of a window after he breaks the news!

It’s as funny as it is well drilled! Have a look:

Don’t feel too sorry for Cenka, though – he is a professional practical joker!

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