14 Novel Ways Of Using Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks. They serve an important purpose, but they’re not particularly versatile. They’re used in load bearing walls and, errrm … what else? Neither are they particularly attractive. They’re gray and brutal looking. Hardly something you’d think of using when trying to build something aesthetically pleasing.

But, now people are coming up with increasingly novel, and yes, pretty, ways of using cinder blocks. From flower pots to fire places, they can be used in a number of unusual and striking ways. Lets see some of the best.

1. Bird House.

breeze blocks 1

2. Flower beds.

breeze blocks 2

3. Garden furniture.

breeze blocks 3

4. Garden steps.

breeze blocks 4

5. Flower pots.

breeze blocks 5

6. Garden sofa.

breeze blocks 6

7. Rockery.

breeze blocks 7

8. Candle display.

breeze blocks 8

9. Bedside table.

breeze blocks 9

10. Plant display.

breeze blocks 10

11. Bed.

breeze blocks 11

12. Fire pit.

breeze blocks 12

13. Garden furniture 2.

breeze blocks 13

14. Fire place.

breeze blocks 14