Woman Hits Back At Swimmers Who Claimed That Her Colostomy Bag Was Scaring Their Children

A woman has taken to social media to epically respond to shamers who said that her colostomy back was scaring children at a swimming pool. Jade Hughes, 23, uses a colostomy bag after parts of her colon were removed in surgery to treat her chronic bowel disease.

But, recently, she was swimming at a pool when a member of the public came up to her and said ‘well you know that shouldn’t be on show in pool? It’s not very nice for young children to see’.

colostomy bag shamer 2

At first Jade was shocked. But after a while she decided to take to Instagram to respond:

“Luckily for me I love my bag, I love my body! I am in love with my body! It looks after me everyday, it fights infection it keeps my heart racing and my blood pumping! So whatever anyone may think of me it will never effect me. Ladies love your body!! Fat, thin, scars, stretch marks, S**T BAGS! Love your fricken body!!!!!”

colostomy bag shamer

Speaking to The Mirror, Jade said:

“The operation has completely changed my life – I used to carry around a change of clothes, a bucket and wet wipes everywhere I went. But the bag has given me my life back and one of the first things I wanted to do was to get a membership at my local leisure centre so I could start putting some weight on as I’d dropped to five and a half stone.”

You go girl. Never let the haters bring you down.

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