It’s Not A Barbecue … It’s A LAVACUE! Amazing Footage Of Steaks Being Cooked Over LAVA!

In this incredible video from the Syracuse University Lava Project, you’ll see what happens when students melt down a bunch of rocks – yes, rocks! – to create lava and then pour it into a long metal pit under some grilling racks. Why would they do that, you may ask? Because they’re having a very special kind of barbecue!

That’s right! These guys stick some steaks, some salmon and some dogs on the racks and then stand back and watch all that delicious meat cook away in mere minutes over the ferocious heat of stuff you’d usually expect to see pouring out of a volcano.

It’s incredible to see how well this food cooks, as this amazing – and mouthwatering! – video shows:

Are you hungry yet? We certainly are! We were gonna grab a takeaway tonight, but now we’re not so sure. If we can get some rocks in the furnace, it may well be lava steaks and dogs all round!


When lava first erupts from a volcano, it reaches temperatures of between 1,290 and 2,200 degrees Farenheit. As it cools, it forms new rock formations which in turn add to the mass of land in an area. Over time, this land becomes fit to inhabit … that is until the volcano erupts again!