Tough Justice: See What Happens When Three Criminals Try To Carjack An Off-Duty COP

This CCTV footage captures the moment a car drives into a garage, only to be immediately set upon by three criminals determined to steal it and possibly cause the car’s inhabitants serious harm.

There’s only one problem – the driver of the car is an off-duty Brazilian cop. And not only is he a cop – he’s a cop armed with a gun. A gun he is not in the least bit afraid to use.

As you’ll see, the criminals in this video picked on entirely the wrong guy when they went to steal what wasn’t theirs. Check it out:

Let’s just hope that the men who did this were caught and punished for their crime. At the very least we hope they learned a very valuable lesson – don’t steal cars. Especially not cars owned by cops who aren’t afraid to fight back. Time to get a better line of work, boys.