4 Year Old and Her Dad Perform The Cutest ‘My Roots Grow Down’ Cover

Cute 6 Year-Old Sings to Baby Brother – What a Sweet Video!

Here’s a little star in the making and no mistake. The wee girl in this video may not have nailed the tone or remembered all of the lyrics to The Seedy Seeds’ ‘My Roots Grow Down’ but what she lacks in professionalism, she more than makes up for in charisma and total adorableness. We’re not sure which we find more endearing – how cute the little singer is or how her guitarist dad looks at her with so much pride and love.

*sniff* Pass the tissues…

Be warned, though. This is dangerously cute…


Beautiful stuff. If you can’t get enough of cute little kids singing, then the next place you should head for is here.

What do you think?

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