No One Believed That Their Dog And Baby Could Do This… So They Grabbed A Camera! BRILLIANT!

    Some people are pretty cynical about letting babies too near their pets. Their theory is that no matter how tame or well behaved your cat or dog or snake or parrot is, they’re still animals with instincts and a danger about them. They think that a baby could poke a cat in the eye and cause an instinctual response and the rugrat could end up hurt. Other people are fine with it, and say that bonding between the two allows trust and an understanding to be built up. That’s the thinking of this family and we’re glad it is! This baby and dog get along great and have even created a game that they can both play and love!

    Shetland Sheepdog Pumpkin knows just how to amuse her new friend. Check out their adorable game. We could watch this all day!