Dog Who Had Its Mouth TAPED SHUT Gets Justice And Revenge As Man Is Arrested

A beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix called Caitlyn was found last week in North Charleston, South Carolina, abused, hungry and neglected – and most shockingly – with electrical tape wrapped all around her muzzle. The images are shocking and hit straight to the heart of all dog lovers. And indeed anyone who doesn’t have a heart of stone. The cowardly act looked to be going unpunished, but we’re thrilled to be able to report that the man responsible has been caught.


The poor little thing was left on someone’s doorstep in a terrible state. The person who found Caitlyn instantly called the Charleston Animal Society and they got to work. Her injuries were so severe that the veterinarian surgeons working on her thought that they may have to remove her tongue. But luckily, they were able to save it.


William Leonard Dodson, 41, was arrested and authorities hope to be able to charge him with some pretty heavy animal cruelty charges.

Charleston Animal Society Director of Community Engagement, Kay Hyman, said:

“We are supportive of the NCPD’s investigation and hope justice will be served in this case. We are eager for the man who committed this crime to be held accountable and punished to the fullest extent of the law, which continues to be one of the nation’s weakest.”


Here’s to a full recovery and successful rehoming for poor Caitlyn.