Is This Double-Barreled Colt .45 The Coolest Weapon On The Market?

For well over eighty glorious years, almost every single serving person in the USĀ military was issued the classic Colt 1911 handgun. It’s a pistol that couldĀ fire .45 ACP ammo smoother than almost any other gun out there. It was the standard issue handgun for the armed forces for nearly a century. Some people said that the Colt .45 was such an amazing piece of machinery that couldn’t be bettered. But we think that the people who used to say that just didn’t have any imagination…

After all, if two heads are better than one, then why aren’t two barrels better than one, huh?! Exactly. Arsenal Firearms from Italy make double-barreled Colt .45s and they’re just awesome. Two barrels in one had (or, as you’re about to see – four in two hands…) can have you nailing out rounds in absolutely no time. The video is in real time, slow mo and super-slow mo. You’re going to be amazing at the brute force of these epic hand cannons!

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