Idiot Driver Gets INSTANT KARMA After Trying To Run Motorcyclist Off Road!

Road rage. It can happen to us all. When something happens to us behind the wheel that’s not right, the red mist can descend. But just because we’re angry, that doesn’t mean that we’re always in the right. Like the douchebag redneck in the video below. We’ve no idea why he so’s peeved = he’s the wrong in the wrong. And in the wrong big time!

For reasons known only to himself, he decides to intentionally veer onto the wrong side of the road to frighten an oncoming motorcyclist. Shocked and bewildered, the biker turns round to see what’s up and gets confronted by the driver. But pretty soon, an outside influence guarantees that the idiot driving the pick-up truck gets instant karma!

Check it out:

And the Thug Life Remix