Army Recruit Drops GRENADE In Training; Instructor Saves His Life

    Training is all about getting better at something. You’re no good at a thing and then someone shows you how to improve and you keep at it until you’re good. Some things aren’t all that tricky. Like throwing something over a wall that’s a foot in front of you. But, some people might struggle. Like the solder in training you’re about to witness…

    This recruit is learning his trade in the Chinese province of Guangdong. His mission? To fling a grenade over a protective wall and duck down. His trainer’s by his side watching over him. And it’s a good job he is, because the clueless newbie makes a real hash of things and DROPS the grenade! Luckily his superior (in more ways than one) is paying attention and acts super quick.

    Do it, man – drop da bomb!