They Scam The Elderly … His Justice? Brutal And Hilarious!

There are a few bad apples out there, and some of those apples make their money scamming the elderly.

You know the story. You’re on the Internet when a pop-up appears saying something like this:

“WARNING! Serious security threats detected! Your data is at risk! Your computer may explode! Your house may burn to the ground! Your kids and grand-kids might not love you any more! Your legs will fall off! QUICK! Dial this number IMMEDIATELY! WE SAID IMMEDIATELY!!!”

“Yeah, right,” you think, and close the pop-up.

But it’s a sad fact that many of our nation’s elderly residents aren’t quite so cynical as we Internet-savvy youngsters. Gramps comes from a time when trusting people and taking them at their word was the norm. He reads that pop-up and he doesn’t brush it off. No, he worries about it. So he rings the number and the douchebags on the end of the line tell him a bunch of lies and frighten him a whole lot more. Eventually, he hands over his credit card details and they sell him a product he never needed in the first place.

It’s a shameful practice.

Well, it turns out one guy’s fighting back. Famous YouTuber Jack Vale decided to see what happens when you call one of these numbers. The results are hilarious, informative and show what scumbags these scammers are:

Nice work, Jack. What a coincidence that their product costs one dollar less than what his old guy character had to spend for the month, hey?

If you’ve got some old timers in your family, we suggest you share this video with them. It might just save them a whole lot of heartbreak in the future.