Save Goliath! Farmer Bakes Baby Goat To Save Its Life

When Dennis Albaugh, a farmer from West Milton, Ohio, discovered a frozen baby goat in his barn, some quick-thinking was required.

Rushing the stricken young animal indoors, Dennis followed family advice and popped the little guy in the oven with the door open. He set the temperature to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and then, alongside his faithful dog Reuger, he waited.

He waited and hoped.

“I was hopeful, but I wasn’t really optimistic it would work,” Dennis later told reporters.

What follows will break your heart:

“I looked and started to see him breathing better,” said Dennis. “I could see his heartbeat was getting stronger.”

Soon the goat – now named ‘Goliath’ – was well enough to be brought out of the oven. It was then that Dennis’s puppy Reuger took over nursing duties.

“The goat kept moving and responding to the puppy,” Dennis said.

Soon Goliath was able to stand, and the farmer was able to feed him. Dennis still had hope, but sadly all his efforts were in vain. Following advice from the vet, Goliath passed away the same evening.

“We’re heartbroken,” Dennis later said. “We had hoped for the best. He was doing so great this afternoon. He was getting so strong. But he just took a turn for the worse, and his condition deteriorated rapidly. The coldness and exposure time was just too much.”

You did your best, Dennis. Thanks for trying.