You’ll Be Amazed What The Government Of Finland Gives To Newborn Babies

In the Scandinavian country of Finland, parents of newborns are given a box on the birth of their new bundle of joy. But this is no ordinary box. This is a very special box, for inside are all the things a newborn baby and his or her parents need. The contents of the box range from diapers to bath thermometers, from tiny little baby booties to nail clippers, hairbrushes and toothbrushes. They even throw in a little snowsuit for the newborn. Well, it is rather cold in Finland!

The box also doubles as a new crib for the baby, meaning that all parents need to get started on the magical journey of parenthood is right there from the start without them needing to do the kind of expensive baby shopping we over here would be expected to do as the big day approaches.

And the price of all this? Nothing. The box and its contents are supplied free of charge by the generous Finnish government, as the following video explains:

Not bad, eh? No wonder 90% of Finnish parents take up the offer of the box. What a wonderful, generous idea.