OUCH. Don’t Tailgate a JCB Digger When You’re a Cyclist… This Painful Video Demonstrates Why!

Cyclist Renárs Bundzis loves riding his fixed-gear bicycle around the city. The ‘fixie’ allows for much simpler and most responsive city riding, as it hasn’t got any complicated gears or anything. But, unfortunately for our friend here, if you tailgate a massive JCB backhoe digger truck, it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’re on – you’re coming off!

Shot on Renárs’ HD HERO3+® GoPro camera, you can see in crystal clarity just why it’s best to avoid tailgating such a monster of a vehicle in city traffic! Have a look see:


Yip. Ouch.

Cycles accidents aren’t always the cyclist’s fault, though. Watch this for proof of that…