These Lab Dogs Have Been Caged Their Whole Lives. Watch Them See Daylight For The First Time EVER!

Beagles are the world’s most unlucky dogs, aren’t they? Due to their size and generally passive natures, they’re seen as the ideal animal for testing in labs. Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and disease testing – you name it. These real-life Snoopies have to endure some pretty nasty tests.

That’s why the Beagle Freedom Project exists – to help free as many test dogs as possible. And their latest batch of freed beagles makes for the most heart-warming clip you’ll see for some time…

What happens when you take a van full of dogs that have never even seen outside, let alone run on grass or sniffed other dogs and you let them do all three? Well, something quite magical, actually.

Beagle Puppies Freed From Lab - Video Grabs

The cautious canines start out with trepidation – sniffing around nervously. And who can blame them? After all, they’ve never seen outside of a testing lab. But it doesn’t take them long to get their confidence and start enjoying themselves.

Rescue Beagle

Those pictures give you a sense of what happens, but to experience the nerves, tension, relief and sheer joy felt by the dogs yourself, you’ll need to check out the video. Make sure you’ve got some tissues nearby, though!

It’s difficult after seeing a video like this to condone the use of beagles in laboratory experiments, isn’t it? Poor little things.

If you want to find out more about the Beagle Freedom Project, visit their website.

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