Is This The Funniest TV Clip of All Time?! You’ll Laugh Yourself Stupid…

‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ is a stone-cold TV classic. The Drew Carey-hosted ABC improv comedy show has had its audience in stitches for years. There have been millions of funny moments since it’s been on the air, but for our money – THIS is the most hilarious.

Drew selects two embarrassed-looking older ladies from the audience to participate in the ‘sound effects’ round…

Whose Line Is It Anyway Sounds Effects

Margaret and Bridie get up on stage and ready themselves to provide the audio track for funnymen Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles’ Batman & Robin sketch.

Whose Line Is It Anyway Old Ladies

What they do next is almost unbelievable. Trust us – you’ll want to watch this!


What were they doing? Whatever it was, it was ruddy funny. Love it – this has certainly made our day!

What do you think?

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