Look What Happens When It’s Time For A Cockatoo To Go See The Vet

Meet Max. He’s a cockatoo. And he’s not very happy today. Not very happy at all.

It’s time for him to visit the vet to get his nails clipped and, well … he’s a little reluctant to say the least.

Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Max is absolutely furious about it.

In the following hilarious video, you’ll see what happens when an owner tries to convince his pet bird to get in its cage when it’s time to go see the vet. Max has clearly been to the vet’s before, didn’t enjoy the experience and – as you will see – has quite a lot to say about it!

We’ve heard about angry birds before … but this takes the biscuit! Apparently Max is saying, ‘I don’t wanna!’ and, ‘What did I say?’ over and over again.

Poor old Max. We don’t like visiting the doctor either, so we know how he feels!

Did You Know?

Cockatoos come from Australia and Indonesia and are members of the parrot family. The term ‘cockatoo’ is a Malaysian word meaning ‘pincher’. This refers to their powerful, pinchy beaks.

If Max’s owner isn’t careful, he’ll soon find out exactly what the word means!