These 25 Kids Wrote The Funniest Test Answers Ever. Bet Their Teachers Wished They Hadn’t Asked!

Funny Test Answers

Setting tests is the bane of every teacher’s life. They take ages to put together, even longer to mark and then -when you do- you find that the kids have taken your questions far too literally. They might have technically answered correctly, but that doesn’t mean that they deserve a good grade! Some younger kids do get genuinely confused when asked to do things like ‘name these shapes’,  but you can’t help but smile at the older pupils cheeky answers.

Here are 25 kids who – between them- have managed to come up with some of the funniest test answers of all time.

1. Poor cells 🙁

funny test 9

2. Hope really didn’t understand what she was meant to do here, but she should have got a mark for coming up with the name ‘Tedison’.

funny test 18

3. Don’t be negative, Warren. Plenty of people live to be 105 years old!

funny test 2

4. Nice. Bonus mark for the use of calligraphy hearts.

funny test 17

5. Very funny. Bet this kid won’t be as cheeky when he’s working in Burger King!

kids test answer funny

6. Very true…though unfortunately the ‘everyone benefits’ part isn’t always the case. 

funny test 24

7. Water doesn’t get any harder than this.

funny test 23

8. Again, very true. Did this kid get a mark, or sent out of class for being a smartass? We’ll never know.

funny test 21

9. You can’t argue with that.

funny test 20

10. But what happened to the 1?

funny test 22

11. This teacher’s clearly been hurt in the past.

funny test 19

12. Why, small child? WHY WOULD YOU WRITE THIS? o_O

funny test 16

13. So many questions here. Does this kid actually speak Chinese, or did they just copy a takeout menu?

funny test 14

14. A kid’s gotta do what a kid’s gotta do.

funny test 13

15. Well kid, this ‘nerd’ is probably going to end up earning a lot more than you when he’s a famous musician. 

funny test 12

16. Teacher: “Will EVERYONE please stop being so LITERAL.”

funny test 11

17. Harsh, kid. There’s no proof that Lady Gaga has more than one set of bits.

funny test 10

18. ‘Thanks for not blowing our cover, kid.”

funny test 8

19. Racism…or possibly Linnaean taxonomy

funny test 7

20. You can just hear the sarcasm dripping out of that teacher comment. Detention beckons.

funny test 6

21. Badum tish.

funny test 5

22. Writing a smart ass response to a test question is certainly risky, all right. 

funny test 4

23. LOL!

funny test 3

24. Only if he’s lucky.


25. What do you mean ‘nice try’. That’s a perfectly valid answer!

miranda blind

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