Petty – But Funny Dude – Makes Everyone Laugh With Epic Text-Based Ex-Trolling

We don’t know exactly what his ex-girlfriend did to him three long years ago, but he’s not been able to get over it, whatever it was. A guy who goes by the Twitter handle ‘thelameunyoset‘ has told the world how he regularly (as in daily) reminds his ex-bae just how much she ruined his life. And has done for those three years. Without fail.

He does so with texts and it’s as desperate and sad as it is kinda weirdly funny. Especailly as it’s the same time every day (7.45am). Why doesn’t see just block him?!

Okay, here is his plan. It’s nice and simple…

Ex Texts

And here is that plan in action:

Ex Texts

This guy is real serious about it too. Look, he even sets himself a little alarm for each morning to wake him up and go about his business.

Ex Texts

Think this guy is being a bit of a d*ck? Well, he’s got a message for you out there already…

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