Canadian Inventor Totally SMASHES Furthest Hoverboard Flight Record!

As Marty McFly once asked while considering the idea of the hoverboard in the film Back to the Future II, “2015? You mean we’re in the future?!” Well, it seems that we are. It’s 2015 and the hoverboard distance record has just been broken by a guy called Catalin Alexandru Duru. Well, we say ‘broken’… We mean SMASHED!  The original record was 164ft. Duru’s? Well, we’ll leave you to find out in the video…

The hoverboard he used is his own invention and has taken him just over a year from conception to being ready to zip through the air. It works on similar principles to how drones fly with downward-pointing propellers. Except, of course, the hoverboard has to be able to accommodate a human on top of it, steering it around.

This is seriously cool. Check it out!