Incredible Girl With No Arms Plays Piano With Her Feet BEAUTIFULLY!

Edmonton’s Homeless Piano Man Finds A Home

Lorelai Mosnegutu is, quite simply, stunning. Her appearance on European talent show Romania’s Got Talent took an entire country by storm. Soon, her performance would hit other nations via newspapers, TV and the internet. Now? She’s a star! And quite rightly so.

Lorelai plays the piano. And quite brilliantly too. But continental Europe is no stranger to prodigal children and their musical excellence. But in this case? Young Ms. Mosnegutu is quite peerless. You see, she has no arms. That’s right. Due to a birth defect, she was born without upper limbs. A sad story, of course. But it was made all the worse when her mother and father abandoned her, putting her up for adoption immediately.

Her social worker ended up caring for her so much that she adopted her. She taught her not to feel sorry for herself and to try anything she wanted – if it didn’t work out, that was fine. So she tried the piano. Using her feet…

This is incredible.

lorelai mosnegutu

This is wonderful stuff. It really is a triumph of the human spirit. Such bravery on show here… You go, Lorelai!

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