25 Of The Most BIZARRE Accidental Doppelgängers You’ve Ever Seen!

Have you ever been walking down the street and seen something weird? Like, really weird? Say, two people accidentally looking exactly the same? Doing EXACTLY the same thing? No? Well, that ’cause it doesn’t happen very often! But when it does – it makes for one heck of a photograph. We’ve got 25 brilliant examples of what were talking about here. Real-life doppelgängers, have a look:

1. These two clearly go to the same clothes shops. They’ve even got the same bags!

Weird Doppelgangers (24)

2. This look must be pretty fashionable in that part of Ukraine.

Weird Twins

3. WHOA. 4 of them?!

Weird Doppelgangers (23)

4. These two have even got the exact same sitting position!

Weird Doppelgangers (22)

5. Snap!

Weird Doppelgangers (21)

6. One of them at least needs to go one shouldered with the rucksack.

Weird Doppelgangers (16)

7. Why? Just… WHY?

Weird Doppelgangers (17)

8. ‘Just make sure there’s a second bench behind the first one. People like looking at the back of other people’s heads. Why do you think everyone goes to the cinema? For the movie? Pffft… Don’t be so naive.’

Weird Doppelgangers (18)

9. Two sets of doppelgängers for the price of one! A rare find.

Weird Doppelgangers (19)

10. Strange to think you’d find two people wearing those trainers anywhere in the world, really.

Weird Doppelgangers (20)

11. Well, it IS a strong look.

Weird Doppelgangers (15)

12. This one’s pretty special.

Weird Doppelgangers (14)

13. One of those backwards mirrors that you get these days.

Weird Doppelgangers (13)

14. More cats because they run the internet and we’re forced by online law to feature a certain number of cats every week.

Weird Doppelgangers (12)

15. Actually, these ones are probably twins, aren’t they?

Weird Doppelgangers (11)

16. Sticks ARE pretty cool, we can see why everyone has one.

Weird Doppelgangers (6)

17. The people on this underground train are living in an episode of The Twilight Zone and yet none of them seem to mind.

Weird Doppelgangers (8)

18. Are these the bad sneaker guys from #10 again…?

Weird Doppelgangers (9)

19. This one’s just nuts!

Weird Doppelgangers (10)

20. Not a look good regardless of how many people sport it.

Weird Doppelgangers (5)

21. How did he get out of jail!?

Weird Doppelgangers (4)

22. Onwards and upwards…

Footballer Twins

23. This lady certainly seems to find it all very funny.

Weird Doppelgangers (3)


Weird Doppelgangers (2)

25. Check out McDonald’s new mirrored tables.

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