Crazy Tour Guide Swims With Alligators And Feeds Them From His Mouth!

Stacey Hicks took a vacation recently to Louisiana from her native Oregon. While there, she decided to visit Jean Lafitte Historical Park and PreserveĀ for a swamp tour with Airboat Adventures led by a guide named Lance Lecrosse. On first impressions, Lance seemed like a nice normal guy. That was until he decided to JUMP INTO THE WATER along the alligators… And start feeding them FROM HIS MOUTH!

The hardcore tour guide risks disciplinary measures from his employers as, although it’s legal to feed alligators, the way in which Lance goes about it is massively against company policy. We wonder why!

He goes in with chicken and marshmallows (who knew alligators like marshmallows, huh?!) and is soon hugging and petting and feeding them. This is pretty insane stuff – check it out: