Aaaah… Watch This Guilty Dog Apologise For Stealing a Baby’s Toy. Adorable!

Hilarious Dog Reactions to Cats Invading Their Beds

The cute little clip we’ve got for you below seems to be proof that it’s not just us humans who experience emotions like guilt. The video is a perfect example of that moment when you realise you’ve done something wrong and you try your best to make up for it. Charlie the beagle fancied a go on his friend Laura’s toy. So, without thinking, he takes it and walks off with it. But baby Laura isn’t pleased with this, so she starts crying. Guilt-ridden, Charlie tries to atone for his error by giving Laura a ball. And then a PlayStation controller. And then her toy… And then a dolly!

What a dude. Take a look:


What a great pal Charlie is, eh? Looking for more funny canine-based action? This should help…

What do you think?

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