Guy Busts Out Brutal WWE Finishers On Girlfriend. This Is EPIC!

Seriously, is this the greatest thing on the Internet?

Here’s English soccer fan Joe Weller, and he isn’t happy with his girlfriend at the moment. Apparently, she doesn’t like the color blue. Blue is the color of Joe’s favorite soccer team. So what’s Joe going to do? Well he ain’t lying down and taking it, that’s for sure!

In this totally epic video, Joe shows the world that it isn’t all cups of tea, London buses and bowler hats in England. Sometimes things get a little, well … RAW!

Brutal! Don’t be surprised if a bunch of WWE agents come knocking on your door, Joe! With finishers of that quality, you could be the next WrestleMania champ!

Oh, and hey. You’ve got to give credit where credit’s due. That girl is awesome for playing along. Some of Joe’s moves looked like they were going to break her neck!

Wait! There’s two girls?