Skinny Kid Transforms Into HUGE Bodybuilder Using Just One Very Simple Diet Trick…

23 year-old bank worker Guy Harding from Devon in the west of England was a skinny kid. And a skinny teenager. In fact, he was a skinny twentysomething until he decided to transform himself into the British version of The Incredible Hulk!

He’s dedicated his life to weightlifting and got massive. But he would never have managed it without the right diet. And it’s all down to volume (and what you eat, of course). One top tip he has though…? Eggs. And lots of them. 19 a day, in fact!

He eats three times what a normal adult male would, taking three lunch breaks a day and eating seven HUGE meals, without fail.

He has to work hard in the gym too, obviously…

Great shot from @showshoots at the @saxon_gym with some of the amazing Watson Dumbells! Fivos ability to get amazing actions shots truly outstanding!!

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“I first got into bodybuilding at the age of 16 – this was going to the gym and picking up weights – the very basic. I fell in love and never looked back.”

“I started real hard dieting and training in 2014, this is when the real results started happening.”

Impressive work!

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