15 World Record-Breaking Illusions in 5 Minutes… Magic!

World-renowned illusionist (that’s ‘magician’ in old money) Hans Klok isn’t happy just doing card tricks at kids’ birthday parties, oh no. He goes big. His latest challenge? Smashing the world record of the number of ‘grand illusions’ pulled off in a five minute spell (‘spell’… geddit?). Did he manage it? Of course he did! This would be a pretty lousy story otherwise, wouldn’t it?!

He managed to pull off the feat live on French TV. But if our Gallic cousins wanted to witness the spectacular event for themselves there in the studio, they’d have had to pull £1,000 out of a hat. If you’ve not got that kind of money up your sleeve, don’t worry – we’ve got the full five minutes for you here:

Hey presto!

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