These Guys Are Helping The Homeless and Needy Through The Awesome Power of Music!

Homeless Music

Shakespeare once wrote, ‘if music be the food of love, play on…’ Now we don’t know if it is or not, but in this inspirational video below, music is definitely the food of help, empathy and solidarity. The team at Model Pranksters have hit the streets once again, looking for ways to make people think and help out. This time, they’ve decided to turn one homeless man’s day upside down with a little music (and financial) interlude. The guy? Anthony, a former Army man who suffers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and has been on and off the streets for a decade now. He’s a former hero that now spends a lot of his days on sidewalks, being ignored.

Check out how much it clearly means to Anthony:


A little more about our man Anthony from the video…

Anthony grew up in Las Vegas with his father. His mother, who was married to a different man by the time he was born, lives in DC in a fairly abusive relationship, one that Anthony needed to get away from. So Anthony decided he needed to move out of Vegas and away from his father (who used heroin and still uses meth). And swerve his other family in DC. So he joined the military, signing a six year contract. But before training, a friend gave him some computer software that hacks into people’s computers. He didn’t think it would work but tried to use it on a police website. For a bit of fun. Much to his surprise, some police reports came up on his computer. The very next day he was arrested and discharged from the military. Some luck, huh?

In an effort to put his life together, he tried to study abroad. He saved up money, bought a ticket and headed for the airport. Upon reaching customs though he was denied a visa and shipped right back to The Big Apple. His criminal record had got in the way. Now trapped, he sleeps in different places each night and is doing everything he can to get his life together as a homeless man in the big bad city. He still wants to study abroad and fulfill his dream, as there’s no way he can ever face going back home.

We’d like to wish Anthony all the best with his future. Keep plugging away, brother…

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