Hospital Posts Moving Picture Of Dying Patient’s Last Wish

Aarhus, Denmark. 75 year-old Carsten Flemming Hansen was admitted to the Aarhus University Hospital one day last week after suffering from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. The diagnosis was not good. He was going to die, all the doctors agreed.

Internal bleeding was killing him and he was told that he would soon pass away. Mr Hansen told his nurse, a lady called Rikke Kvist, that he understood and he thanked the doctors for their help. He had just one request. A dying wish. He wanted to be wheeled outside to watch the sun set. With a glass of white wine and a cigarette…

“That was when I remembered that we are on the same floor that has access to a balcony,” Ms Kvist told the Danish news website “It was a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere,” she goes on.

Dying Man Balcony

“Of course they were relatives also affected by the fact that he was going to die, and they were sad. But it was cozy and there was humour.”

Here is the post they shared on Facebook:

He died that evening. A sad story, but an inspirational one. Mr. Hansen is gone, but he shows us that we should appreciate every moment and every experience. RIP Sir.

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