Flying Through The Air With The ‘Flyboard’ Aqua Hoverboard… INSANELY COOL!

Franky Zapata wasn’t all that interested in swimming. Or surfing. Or jet-skiing. Or indeed any of the usual forms of getting about in the water. So he decided to invent something a little different. Well, actually – something A LOT different…

The Zapata Flyboard.


And it’s insane. Everyone’s talking about these mental contraptions (well, in certain circles, anyway…). Want to see what all the fuss is about? Sure you do! Watch the video of a brilliantly-talented flyboarder in action:

Pretty snazzy, eh? Fancy getting your very own Zapata Flyboard? Well, you might need to start saving up… They come in at almost $7,000!

What do you think?

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