These Weirdly Unique Human Anatomy Accessories Are As Cool As They Are Disturbing…


Ukrainian fashion designer Konstantin Kofta takes a very unique and interesting approach to design. These accessories here are all inspired by human anatomy. And no punches are pulled. So a lot of the items are ‘challenging’ to say the least! They might not make their way onto shelves in any of the fashion stores that you normally go to, but they’re damn cool nonetheless. It’s as if fashion, art and biology have all merged into one.

Let’s explore the range…


Boots that look like feet.

Anatomy Accessory

Weird hands to hold.

Anatomy Accessory

Now this is what we call a handbag!

Anatomy Accessory

This petrifying ‘scream’ bag is ghoulish but kinda awesome at the same time.

Anatomy Accessory

This spine-chilling effort has customers coming back for more…

Anatomy Accessory

Speaking of ‘back’, this bag has to be the most creepy of all the items in the collection!

Anatomy Accessory

What do you think?

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