The Scandalous Truth Behind YOUR Mobile Phone. This Will Change the Way You Think About Electronics

Everyone loves their smartphone, don’t they? To a lot of us, they’re our lifeline. They’re constantly in our hands.

But is there a dark side to our mobile phones?

Who Pays the Price

The price that phone factory employees have to pay is often so high, it’s almost beyond belief.

The Dangers of Benzene

15 hour days, no holidays, no air conditioning, poor pay. And that’s just the start of it. In a lot of electronics factories in the Far East, there is a serious danger of lethal poisoning. Watch this video for the full, disgraceful story:


This exposé really makes you think, doesn’t it? How’s it made you feel about the electronics you use that have been imported in from China? If you know anyone that you think should be in the know about this shocking story, then share this post with them and fill them in on what’s happening in the Far East right now.

What do you think?

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