Hunchback Wife Guides Her Blind Husband Around Every Day For More Than 30 Years

    True love can be shown in a million different ways. But it’s a refusal to give up and a determination to help serve someone no matter what – however stacked up the odds are – that we think really demonstrates pure love for someone. And we’re bringing you a perfect example of that right here.

    Huang Funeng is an 80 year-old man from Donglan County, Guangxi, South China, who has spent the past three centuries battling a degenerative eye condition which has left him blind. For 55 years he has been married to his beloved wife, Wei Guiyi. Wei doesn’t have it easy herself, she suffers from osteoporosis, which has left her virtually crippled. Yet Wei helps guide Huang around town every day.

    Chinese couple

    Pictures of the couple recently surfaced online after a touched tourist saw the couple on the street and decided to take a snap and upload it online. The pictures spread like wildfire on social media as people all across the globe warmed to the loving pair.

    Wei leads the way when they go for a walk with bamboo sticks that her grateful husband can grab hold of and follow her, knowing that she can see the way forward. They’re known in their local area and helped out by locals as they walk down the street, with townsfolk appreciative of the teamwork and love in front of them.

    Chinese couple

    The couple married a full 55 years ago, way back when they were in their 20’s. Unfortunately, although wanting children, they were unable to have any. But they never let this get in the way of their relationship. And even when Huang began to start losing his sight in the mid-eighties, they vowed not to let that – or Wei’s ever-worsening back condition – stop them living their lives the way they want to.

    Chinese couple

    Huang Funeng once said to his wife, “I am going to look after you for the rest of your life’ while she told him, ‘I am going to depend on you forever.”

    Happy and content, she says of her relationship, “We are very happy and have a contented life. We will always be by each other’s side.”

    “I am his eyes and he is my everything…”

    Chinese couple

    Now that’s what we call true love!